Running electoral registration - England

How long are overseas declarations valid for?

If an individual successfully applies to register as an overseas elector their declaration is valid for up to 3 years. Each declaration will expire on the third 1 November following the date the individual’s entry on the register first takes effect, unless the elector has successfully renewed their declaration. Our guidance on the renewal of overseas declarations has more information on this. 

Registrations can be removed earlier in the following circumstances:

  • cancellation of the declaration by the elector1
  • you determine the person is no longer entitled to be registered2
  • you determine the person was registered, or that their entry was altered, as a result of an application made by another person (i.e., not the individual whose details are provided on the application and who has declared that the information provided is true)3
  • if another entry is made in respect of the elector in any register of electors4

An overseas voter may cancel their declaration at any time.5 The cancellation of an overseas declaration will also cancel any absent voting arrangement made in connection with that declaration, even if the elector then registers as an ordinary elector at the same qualifying address.

For guidance on removing an elector from the register, see our guidance on deletions.

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