Running electoral registration - England

Processing overseas elector applications

This section contains guidance on the actions you should take as ERO to process a new application to register as an overseas elector. 

There are two types of verification that must be carried out before you can determine an application. 

You must:

  • verify that the applicant meets the condition of being previously registered or previously resident at the address provided in their application
  • verify the applicant’s identity 

The applicant will either have provided an address at which they were previously registered or an address at which they were previously resident. You can find further information in our guidance on Eligibility conditions for registering as an overseas elector.

This section provides guidance on the information you can use to be satisfied that the applicant qualifies under either condition, and on how you should verify an applicant’s identify.

All applications and declarations including any documentary evidence should be processed as soon as possible after receipt.

If you receive an application where the qualifying address falls outside your area, you should forward it to the relevant ERO without delay.

There is no legal requirement for an application to be acknowledged, although you do have discretion to send an acknowledgement if you wish. In all cases, you are required to send a confirmation of whether the application is successful or not. Our guidance on confirming applications and declarations has more information on this. 

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