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Absent vote applications made outside of the overseas elector renewal cycle

Where an overseas elector applies for a postal vote after the 31 October 2023 but before the changes to overseas electors are implemented, then the postal vote may only be granted for the remaining length of time of their original 12-month overseas elector registration, calculated from the date they were added to the register. This table provides some worked examples:

Date of addition to the electoral registerPostal vote application dateOverseas declaration expiryPostal vote arrangement expiry
1 June 2023 15 November 2023  1 June 20241 June 2024
1 July 2023 12 February 20241 July 20241 July 2024
1 March 20241 August 20241 November 20261 November 2026

Where an overseas elector’s existing declaration does not expire until after the 31 October 2023, but they have a proxy vote arrangement in place prior to this date their proxy arrangement will expire on 31 January 2024, not with their existing overseas elector declaration. At this point the signature requires refreshing, and both their overseas elector declaration renewal and the renewal of their proxy arrangement will be in line on a three-year cycle.

However, where an overseas elector on the existing 12-month declaration cycle submits a new proxy application within three months of the expiry of their declaration (and subsequently renews their declaration as an overseas elector), the proxy arrangement would not expire alongside their existing declaration but would instead be carried forward until the expiry of their new declaration i.e., the third 1 November after the date of the overseas declaration. 

Any overseas elector who applies for a proxy vote after 31 January 2024 will be required to refresh their signature refresh at the same time as the expiry of their overseas declaration, regardless of whether their declaration is under the 12-month or three-year cycles. This table provides some worked examples:

Date of addition to the electoral registerProxy application dateOverseas declaration expiryProxy declaration expiry
1 July 2023  10 July 2023 1 July 2024Signature refresh required before 31 January 2024; if the signature refresh is completed, the proxy arrangement would continue until 1 July 2024
1 July 20231 February 20241 July 2024 1 July 2024
1 February 202320 December 20231 February 20241 November 2026

You can find more information in our guidance on the absent vote renewal process

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